Security & performance is paramount - we understand this.

It's for this reason we take them extremely seriously, and deploy all Fully Managed cPanel VPS' pre-secured and optimized, ready for production-use. The following tweaks are manually applied to each and every VPS that we deploy:

Hardening & Security

  • Enable Referrer safety check
  • Enable Blank referrer safety check
  • Set Initial default/catch-all forwarder destination to Fail
  • Enable Verify signatures of 3rdparty cPaddons
  • Disable Service subdomain override
  • Disable Service subdomain creation
  • Disable BoxTrapper
  • Disable Reset Password for cPanel accounts
  • Disable Reset Password for Subaccounts
  • Enforce Minimum Password Strength (65+)
  • Disable Compiler Access
  • Enable Shell Fork Bomb Protection
  • Restrict MySQL to only accept local connections
  • Disable LOAD DATA LOCAL commands in MySQL
  • Block all processes in WHM's Background Process Killer
  • Move SSH to a non-default port
  • Install ClamAV (Anti Virus) with Daily Scan + Quarantine
  • Install Maldet (Anti Malware) with Daily Scan + Quarantine

  • Anti-Spam

  • Only allow Exim & root to connect to remote SMTP servers
  • Enable SpamCop filtering (to help block spam/junk mail)
  • Reject remote mail sent to the server's hostname

  • Optimization

  • Enable PHP-FPM for cPanel/WHM/Webmail
  • Enable PHP Compression (zlib.output_compression)
  • Replace MySQL 5.7 with MariaDB 10.2