Our Generous Affiliate Program

Let's work together and make some money!

  What's this all about?

An affiliate program, in essence, means that if you refer customers to us, we will pay you for it! On a regular basis, we have customers withdrawing thousands of dollars for their part in helping us out - and in most cases, there is very little work involved - it can be very much a "set and forget" type thing!

A little bit about us...

  We've been proudly serving customers for over 10 years. It takes a great deal of commitment to keep a business going, and we're proud to say we've been in business longer than most. This is one of the core reasons you can trust that we'll be here tomorrow, the day after that, and the day after that too! In turn, this means you have a stable, fully registered company to work with and can be sure your efforts won't go to waste.

  Our (glowing) reputation speaks for itself. After years of helping customers, we've accumulated many reviews - for example, we're rated 4.8/5 on TrustPilot. There's no need to sacrifice for anything less than the best. Work with us, and the customers you bring us will thank you for it! Rest assured that we take good care of our customers - now, and in the future.

  More than just a business. It's one thing to be in business, but another to have an extreme passion for the things you do every single day. We love servers, software, helping people, and creating unique solutions to unique problems (note: not all problems are bad ones!). This shines through time and time again with everything we do, and our customers love us for it.

  Key Facts

  $10 Signup Bonus. With a single click of a button, we'll give you a $10 bonus, just for signing up for the affiliate program!

  15% Recurring Commission. For each new client that you refer to us, you'll receive 15% of what they pay for their first order - recurring for life.

  $25 Minimum Payout. As soon as you hit $25 in affiliate funds, you may withdraw it to PayPal, or as an Ethernet Servers account credit.

  60-Day Commission Delay. To account for refund requests or payment disputes, the order must remain active for at least 60 days.

  Applies To All Services. Our affiliate program is available for every single service that we offer.

  How do I signup for the affiliate program?

If you're not already a customer, please register an account (FREE!). Once you've done so, or if you're an existing customer, activate your affiliate account.

You will then be presented with a unique affiliate link, and you'll be credited if the person places an order using your link!

If you'd like to use our logos, you may download them for use as you please.

We're trusted by amazing customers in 136 countries - come & join us!
Matthew Beausoleil February 4, 2024
Everything is working as expected

I was looking for a simple syncthing server and didn't need anything fancy. I found Ethernet servers on server hunter and chose them because of their low price and good reviews. I had access to my server within a few minutes. It was easy for me to change the ubuntu to Centos and everything is working as expected.

Sameed Sohani January 21, 2024
Great service overall thus far

Three reasons I decided to try out the service: I heard and subsequently saw that the prices were great, it is very hard to beat those unmanaged special offer prices. I heard that the service was reliable, so far so good. It's only been a week, but I hope that it will continue to be reliable as I use it more. I heard that the support is excellent, and I have to agree. Great service overall thus far.

ジエント January 12, 2024
The networks are top of the line

Great upload and download speeds, apt-get updating is a breeze. The only mishaps was on my end, ssh had some weird buffer lag (sometimes unresponsiveness) that has to do with my connection with my isp. Just make sure your connection stable and everything should work just fine. The networks are top of the line.

Atul Sharma January 3, 2024
Nothing but a joyful experience

Been with them for a week and the transition from old hosting to ethernetserver has been nothing but a joyful experience. Setting up new vps, networking is like a breeze. All set up by george and nothing to worry about really.

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