Linux Virtual Private Servers (Self-Managed)

Deploy in seconds, with root access as standard & unlimited OS reinstalls

Super-fast virtual servers powered by Enterprise Samsung SSDs

Our Linux VPS plans are perfect for websites or applications that are growing and need a reliable infrastructure

vETH 10G



SSD Space



  Deploy in your choice of Los Angeles, New Jersey, Miami & Frankfurt

Need more disk space? Check out our 1 TB disk space plan for just $34.95/mo! I want this plan!

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How can an Unmanaged VPS help me?
Whether you're in need of a home for your backups or wish to run intensive and technically demanding websites or applications, our Unmanaged VPS' can be configured as per your needs.

With full root access, you're not limited by what software you can install (like in shared hosting!), as long as Linux is supported, our plans will host it without a fuss. All powered by 100% SSD storage and Intel Xeon CPUs.
Top-notch features included with all plans as standard

Instant Provisioning

5 Gbps DDoS Protection

100% Uptime Guarantee

Dual Intel Xeon CPUs

10,000 Mbps (10 Gbps) Uplink

TUN/TAP, PPP & Docker Support

FREE Software Installation

Full Root Access

SolusVM Control Panel

Instantly Scalable (no downtime)

EU & USA Server Locations

Multiple Linux OS choices

Out-of-band Console Access

Unlimited OS Reinstalls

Self-Managed VPS FAQs

To help you make an informed decision, we've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions relating to the plans listed on this page.

If you can't find the answer to your question or if you would like more information, feel free to contact us at any time, and we'll be happy to help.

The answers to many other common questions that our customer service receives can be found in our knowledgebase.

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New Jersey:
Los Angeles:
We currently offer the following Linux distributions:

AlmaLinux 8 64-bit
AlmaLinux 9 64-bit
Rocky Linux 8 64-bit
Debian 11 64-bit
Debian 12 64-bit
Ubuntu 20.04 64-bit
Ubuntu 22.04 64-bit
All Virtual Private Server plans are connected to host machines with 10 Gbps (10,000 Mbps) uplinks, and this connectivity is shared among all customers on the server.
Our servers live in the Equinix and Digital Realty data centers. More information about the facilities can be found below:

New Jersey, USA
Los Angeles, USA
Miami, USA
Frankfurt, Germany
We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee (no-questions-asked!), which we consider to be a free trial period.
You can upgrade or downgrade your VPS plan at any time via our customer portal. This is fully automated and requires no downtime or configuration changes.
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Dr Robert James June 26, 2024
"Server is very fast"

I got a VPS from Ethernet Servers and everything about their service is good. The server is very fast, 24 hr customer support, prompt trouble shooting at back end. Pricing is reasonable. I would love to avail of their services for a long time. :) Thank You. Dr Robert James

Daniel Imray June 7, 2024
"Very good choice"

Amazing so far, everything seemed to work great when I put my first site up, when I had some minor queries I got very quick responses to support requests. I'm very glad I found Ethernet Servers, as I didn't have a clue what hosting site to use, or how they work, but this seems to be a very good choice.

mahdi khoramnejad May 19, 2024
"Best support"

They have the best support. It's really great.

OR.S May 10, 2024
"Highly recommended"

Excellent host. Prompt replies in good, clear English, easy migration from HG, good speed, all necessary info provided on sign up (ftp, logins etc) error free. Highly recommended.

An all SSD platform, backed by Intel Xeon processors

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