Linux Virtual Private Servers

High-performance servers with SolusVM and instant deployment

vETH 512M
$15.00 per year

  • 10 GB Disk Space
  • 250 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 512 MB Memory
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • 1 CPU Core

$3.95 per month

  • 25 GB Disk Space
  • 500 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 1024 MB Memory
  • 2 IPv4 Addresses
  • 2 CPU Cores

$7.95 per month

  • 50 GB Disk Space
  • 1 TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 2048 MB Memory
  • 3 IPv4 Addresses
  • 4 CPU Cores

$11.95 per month

  • 100 GB Disk Space
  • 2 TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 4096 MB Memory
  • 4 IPv4 Addresses
  • 8 CPU Cores

24x7x365 Support • Instant Setup • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee • No Hidden Fees • No Contracts

Payment is accepted via PayPal, Credit Card, and Bitcoin

What makes our Linux VPS Hosting special?

tick Three Excellent Locations

Featuring three US data center locations - Los Angeles, California, Buffalo, New York and Miami, Florida - you can choose the one that's most suited to you. We typically advise choosing the location closest to your target audience in order to achieve the best possible network connectivity.

tick 100% White Label

Perfect for reselling, your customers will never see the name of our company or the name of any other hosting providers, other than our premium data center partners - QuadraNet and ColoCrossing (IP WHOIS lookups). Our SolusVM VPS control panel is 100% white label.

tick VPS Management Made Easy

Manage your Virtual Server on-the-fly, thanks to the industry leading SolusVM control panel, allowing you to reinstall your operating system with a range of Linux distributions, view graphs (e.g. Bandwidth, RAM, CPU), set Reverse DNS records, issue reboots and much more.

tick 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We have confidence in our network, hardware and server configurations. As such, a 99.9% uptime guarantee is included with all plans. In the event of downtime as a result of problems on our end, we'll compensate you in the form of a service credit. Try us out - you won't be disappointed.

tick Instant Deployment

All VPS plans are setup immediately upon payment, and better yet, they can be instantly upgraded or downgraded at your discretion via our control panel. Gone are the days of waiting hours, or possibly days, to get your hands on a Linux server.

tick Highly Flexible

Not just fancy names, but impressive features. We go above and beyond to offer support for applications such as Docker and modules such as IPsec, FUSE, NFS, TUN/TAP, PPP and so on. We want you to succeed, and we give you all the tools you could need to do so.

tick Unmanaged - Not Abandoned

While many budget VPS host offerings advertise hardware & network support only - we're different. All of our plans come with basic support free of charge. If there's something that we can quickly and easily help you with, we will - you're not alone.

tick 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're hesitant about whether to host with us and just want to test our services out, you can do just that. Our money back guarantee means that you can order and claim a full refund within the first 60 days of service with no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

tick Do you have a test IP and files?

Los Angeles, California: | 100 MB Test File | 1 GB Test File
Buffalo, New York: | 100 MB Test File | 1 GB Test File
Miami, Florida: | 100 MB Test File | 1 GB Test File

tick What port speed will my VPS have?

All Virtual Private Server plans are connected to host machines with 1Gbps (1,000 Mbps) uplinks, and this connectivity is shared among all customers on the server. We do not offer dedicated ports at this time.

tick What kind of hardware do you use?

To put it simply, only the best, including Intel Xeon Dual E5's with 128 GB SuperTalent RAM, LSI RAID controllers, SuperMicro motherboards and the latest firmware for the best performance & stability.

tick Is TUN/TAP and PPP available?

Absolutely. The TUN/TAP and PPP kernel modules are loaded on all of our host machines; this functionality can be activated with just one click via our control panel. Other kernel modules may be available per request.

tick Do you block any ports?

We do not block any ports as standard. Assuming you have applications configured to listen accordingly, you will be able to make both inbound and outbound connections to IPs and ports of your choice.

tick What Operating Systems are available?

We offer a range of Linux distributions including CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and Scientific Linux. A full list can be found here. You can also reinstall at any time.

tick Do you offer extra IP addresses?

Yes, additional IPv4 addresses are available for $2.00 per month and can be ordered during the checkout process or at any time following a purchase, using our customer portal.

tick Can I upgrade or downgrade my VPS?

You can upgrade or downgrade your VPS plan at any time via our customer portal. This is fully automated and requires no downtime or configuration changes.

tick Are cPanel licenses available for purchase?

We sell cPanel/WHM licenses for $12.95 per month. Softaculous and WHMXtra licenses are also available for $1.50 each per month. All licenses include free installation.

tick What virtualization technology do you use?

OpenVZ. This is one of the industry's most popular virtualization platforms which provides excellent performance and stability, coupled with KernelCare (rebootless kernel security updates).