Service Level Agreement

We believe great uptime is a right - not a bonus!

Always striving for 100% uptime! Guaranteeing 99.9% — for all services

Ethernet Servers provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee for each month, and all services. Any customer with one or more services that fall short of this guarantee is eligible for a Service Level Agreement (SLA) credit, providing that the following requirements are understood, and met:

  Credit will only be issued for the impacted service(s).
  All requests must be submitted to our Accounting Department within 7 days of the downtime taking place.

 Uptime Guarantee 
 SLA Credit 

Certain outages are out of our direct control, and consequently, are excluded from our Service Level Agreement:

  Scheduled maintenance. We will always send out an email and post on our Service Status page in such cases.
  Local issues on the customer's side. For example, an ISP outage, or a computer with a firewall that may be denying access.
  Outages created by human error on the customer's side. For example, files or databases that are wrongfully deleted, or other configuration changes.
  Billing or abuse incidents. For example, a service that is suspended for overdue payment, or lack of correspondence over an abuse incident.

If you have any questions about our Service Level Agreement, please feel free to contact us.

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