What's a changelog?

We believe in being open and treating our customers as though they were family! It's for that reason that we're always transparent about everything we do. This page will serve as a record of changes we make to properties like our website, customer portal, server configurations, and so on.

Most changes on this page are as a result of direct customer feedback, or through our own pro-active efforts in ensuring our customers have the best possible hosting experience! Do you have any ideas or feedback on how we can improve? We would love to hear it, please get in touch!

Entries on the page began on April 20, 2019.

Full Listing

  • June 2020: Fixed issue where Git Version Control was not available in cPanel for customers on our servers in Singapore, UK, Australia, Canada, France and Germany.

  • March 2020: To make it quicker and easier to find welcome emails for those with multiple services, we now include the hostname or domain name in the email subject.

  • February 2020: Switched from cPanel's MultiPHP to CloudLinux's PHP Selector. This provides customers with access to newer versions of PHP (i.e. 7.4) and more control over the PHP modules and settings.
  • February 2020: Added a default website page for newly created cPanel accounts (rather than having none at all, with a confusing 404 Not Found) to make it easier to see when a domain has propagated and is ready to use.

  • January 2020: Added support for CentOS 8 and Debian 10 as operating systems for VPS customers.

  • December 2019: Added the ability to make payment via Ethereum.

  • September 2019: If an invoice is Unpaid or Overdue, it will now show up directly on the service/product page, making it quicker & easier to find services due for renewal.
  • September 2019: For VPS customers, the server's primary IP will now be displayed on the Services page.

  • August 2019: Removed the limit of 30 OS reinstalls per month for VPS customers - it's now unlimited!
  • August 2019: Added the ability to choose the quantity (Qty) when buying a VPS. This makes quickly buying multiple servers even faster!
  • August 2019: Switched to Cloudflare DNS for our VPS panel, providing significantly faster propagation of DNS updates, making updating rDNS/PTR faster and more reliable.
  • August 2019: Fixed an issue where by rDNS/PTR records couldn't be set for some newer TLDs (i.e. .shop).
  • August 2019: For shared hosting orders, your account IP address will now be shown on your welcome email, and a quick link to view it will also be shown in the client area.

  • July 2019: Added the ability to purchase DirectAdmin and InterWorx licenses for new and existing orders.
  • July 2019: Added Perfect Money as a payment method.

  • May 2019: Removed Ubuntu 14.04 from the order form, since it is End of Life (EOL) and no longer receives security updates.
  • May 2019: Added AliPay as a payment method.
  • May 2019: Fixed an issue where by the VPS Serial Console would prematurely timeout due to net-tools being absent on the SolusVM master.
  • May 2019: Improved default VPS configuration (i.e. second level quotas, Docker support - all enabled as standard now!)

  • April 2019: Added name servers to service pages within the customer portal. Previously, they were only shown within the initial welcome email.
  • April 2019: Fixed an issue where by some shared hosting accounts did not have Terminal access in cPanel (SSH/Shell).
  • April 2019: Improved the way in which server/network status messages are announced. They're now shown throughout the client area in the event of an issue.
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