LiteSpeed Web Server 5.2

  • Friday, 1st September, 2017
  • 22:00pm

We're pleased to announce that we've completed sufficient testing and monitoring in a staging environment, and have now updated all of our cPanel Web Hosting servers to LiteSpeed 5.2!

This update includes the following:

  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE Added QUIC (Quic UDP Internet Connections) support.
  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE Added mod_pagespeed support for 64-bit Linux installs.
  • NEW FEATURE Switched from OpenSSL to BoringSSL with TLSv13 support.
  • NEW FEATURE Added support for HTTP/2 Server Push.
  • NEW FEATURE Added support for CloudLinux ruby/python selector.
  • NEW FEATURE Added support for IP2Location to convert IP to geographic location.
  • NEW FEATURE Added support for brotli compression for static files.
  • NEW FEATURE Added support for SecRemoteRules and improved performance of mod_security engine.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved QUIC stability and performance.
  • IMPROVEMENT Added support for QUIC versions Q039 and Q040.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved Cache engine with new cache-control directive and ESI URL fixup.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved ETag header to comply with RFC 7232.
  • IMPROVEMENT Improved overall speed of WebCache Manager.
  • IMPROVEMENT WebAdmin is now forced HTTPS.
  • IMPROVEMENT Updated access log format %H flag to log transport protocol - HTTP/SPDY/HTTP2/QUIC.
  • IMPROVEMENT LiteSpeed Web Cache manager has been vastly improved with the addition of a command line tool (lscmctl).
  • IMPROVEMENT The LiteSpeed cPanel/WHM plugin has been improved and prepped for the upcoming cPanel 66 release.
  • BUGFIX Fixed a bug that prevented mod_pagespeed from being enabled through .htaccess.
  • BUGFIX Fixed Ruby/Python selector setup script to install more required modules.
  • BUGFIX Fixed DirectAdmin shared virtual host suEXEC problem.
  • BUGFIX Included all bugfixes in the 5.1 branch.
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