• Tuesday, February 6, 2018
Today, our Web Hosting servers have been upgraded to cPanel 70 (from 68) which resolves case CPANEL-17252. This was causing delays processing tasks, one example of an issue we had observed was newly created addon domains requiring an extended period of time before they are set up correctly and usable. We have also noticed a reduction in CPU usage for our servers, resulting in faster page load times! 

cPanel 70 is not aimed at new features, but instead, improving existing features and creating an overall more stable and refined product, as indicated here. The release notes for this new version can be found here.

Last week, we also completed an update for our VPS Hosting plans which involved updating to SolusVM 1.20.04, which reduces the communication load between the master server (where SolusVM is hosted) and the servers (nodes) it connects to. The end result is an improvement in performance for owners of a VPS!

Plans for updating to MariaDB 10.2, delivering improved connection performance, are also in the pipeline!

We are always working to create more stable services, and staying on-top of the latest technological advacements is of great interest to us — we hope to continue building on our systems and platforms, in order to deliver the best possible hosting experience!