Happy Birthday to...us!

  • Tuesday, 13th September, 2022
  • 08:54am

We've turned 9 years old TODAY!

So, *so* much has changed during that time, in the hosting industry and elsewhere in the wider world. We've seen price increases for just about every product and service that money can buy, and many businesses (sadly) close their doors. Despite all this, we're thrilled we've made it this far, as a privately owned company that truly puts customers first.

However, we're not only thrilled but extremely grateful and privileged for the tens of thousands of customers who have supported us over the years - including those who signed up yesterday and those who signed up 9 years ago and are still with us today. 

The day-to-day running of Ethernet Servers, can, like any business, be a real challenge, but especially so in such a fast-paced environment that technology is. Bread and cheese are always bread and cheese - the fundamentals don't change, but web hosting is an altogether different beast. We've made our share of mistakes over the years but likewise, have learned a lot, knowledge of which we put to good use daily to keep our customers online. 

Our plans for the coming year are ambitious (but hopefully, not rubbish, as our favourite Top Gear trio used to say). Headlining those plans is a significant platform upgrade for our VPS customers, namely, an upgrade from OpenVZ 7 to OpenVZ 9, which will include much-requested support for WireGuard, as well as a host of performance and stability improvements. Additionally, we will be looking to upgrade all shared hosting servers to CloudLinux 8 (from 7). 

To celebrate our birthday, we're not keeping the cake to ourselves - but slicing it out amongst everyone, and offering a $9 account credit for all customers who signed up before today (September 13th, 2022), and a $4.50 account credit for everyone else (i.e. those who sign up today, or until the 20th September 2022), but you must make a purchase first. That means, for example, if you order our Silver web hosting plan, your second month is completely free! 

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for your support, love, and appreciation for the hard work we put in every single day ♥

With best regards,


George Sturley

Owner & Founder

Ethernet Servers Ltd

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OR.S May 10, 2024
Excellent host

Excellent host. Prompt replies in good, clear English, easy migration from HG, good speed, all necessary info provided on sign up (ftp, logins etc) error free. Highly recommended.

Christopher James May 1, 2024
I'm very pleased

Affordability, reliability and great customer service. I hos ted my website here. George built something that will potentially be big.

Paola Meyer April 13, 2024
Customer Attention is 5 Stars

Customer Attention. Staff of Ethernet Servers is superb, fast and answers tickets in a pretty speedy manner.

stxsh February 17, 2024
Excellent Provider with Exceptional Support

Been with them for a week and the transition from old hostin g to ethernetserver has been nothing but a joyful experience. Setting up new vps, networking is like a breeze. All set up by george and nothing to worry about really.

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