New Feature (On-demand service renewals)

  • Tuesday, 28th November, 2023
  • 10:35am

London, GB., November 28th, 2023 — Ethernet Servers Ltd, a leading web hosting & managed service provider (MSP) is pleased to announce the release of an updated client area, with new functionality and UI/UX improvements!

On-demand service renewals:

By default, our system will create a renewal invoice 14 (fourteen) days before a service is due for payment.

We've often received tickets from our customers to request early renewal invoices, which previously required staff interaction from us.

As of today, November 28th, it's now possible for our clients to renew their service on-demand, all via the client area!

To do this, simply navigate to My Services and click on the service in question, and then click on "Renew Service". 

UI/UX improvements:

Our website and client area have also been updated with several UI/UX improvements.

The most obvious change will likely be the updated colour scheme in the header (the light blue navigation has been toned down).

Other smaller changes are largely focused on tweaking link colours, tap targets, and so on, in order to meet best practices.

These were the result of an audit we performed using Google PageSpeed Insights.

Improved website performance:

Many of us lead a busy life. With that in mind, the faster a website is, the better - the more quickly we can do what we need to do, and move on to the next task. We've upgraded the server that powers (and from Intel Xeon to AMD EPYC CPUs, and from SATA SSD to NVMe storage.

Additionally, we moved from Debian 11 to Debian 12, MariaDB 10.5 to 10.11, and so on. The result is that our website is now noticably faster, further improving your experience when you need to pay an invoice, contact us, or just browse!


We'd be delighted to hear any feedback (good, bad, or somewhere in between). Getting a bit better at what we do on a daily basis is extremely exciting, and we can only do that based on the feedback we hear from our customers. Feel free to reach out to us at any time!

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OR.S May 10, 2024
Excellent host

Excellent host. Prompt replies in good, clear English, easy migration from HG, good speed, all necessary info provided on sign up (ftp, logins etc) error free. Highly recommended.

Christopher James May 1, 2024
I'm very pleased

Affordability, reliability and great customer service. I hos ted my website here. George built something that will potentially be big.

Paola Meyer April 13, 2024
Customer Attention is 5 Stars

Customer Attention. Staff of Ethernet Servers is superb, fast and answers tickets in a pretty speedy manner.

stxsh February 17, 2024
Excellent Provider with Exceptional Support

Been with them for a week and the transition from old hostin g to ethernetserver has been nothing but a joyful experience. Setting up new vps, networking is like a breeze. All set up by george and nothing to worry about really.

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