cPanel: Mass Updating Hostmaster Email Addres

Currently, there is no built in way to update the hostmaster email address for every DNS zone on the server with cPanel/WHM provided tools/scripts. There is, however, a way to change the email address manually, which does require basic SSH knowledge.

Firstly, please make sure to backup /var/named:

cp -ax /var/named /var/named_backup

In this example the existing address in the zones are and we want to change it to, the command would be.

replace "" "" -- /var/named/*db

That will only change the zones that match in this case.

The serials and zones also need to be updated, to do so, please run:

find /var/named/*.db -mtime -1 -exec perl -pi -e 'if (/^\s+(\d{10})\s+;\s+serial/i) { my $i = $1+1; s/$1/$i/;}' '{}' \;
rndc reload

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