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You may find yourself in the situation where by you need to move an email account from one server to another, and there are a few ways this can be achieved, with varying levels of complexity.

The easiest tool to use is called imapsync. This one will allow you to copy the emails from the command line easily, and can be used as follows:

imapsync --host1=source --user1=user@domain.null --host2=destination --user2=user@domain.null

Replace source, user@domain.null, and destination with their appropriate values.

More details on this software can be found at

The second option would be to use Thunderbird. Simply add the destination in Thunderbird, use CTRL+A to select all the messages in a source mailbox, and drag it to the destination's equivalent folder.

The third option you can follow is to create the email account on the target and copy all the files in the folder /home/$cpanelUser/mail/$domain/$mailUser/ to the target server.

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