How do I customize my PHP resource limits?

We offer the ability to customize your PHP settings, which includes the ability to change PHP resource limits.

Customizing PHP Resource Limits

  1. Login to cPanel with you normal username and password

  2. Click on "Select PHP Version" (screenshot

  3. Click on "Options" (screenshot

    Note: If you see a message that reads Warning You have selected native PHP version. Changing PHP modules and options is impossible for the native version. You need to select a different PHP version from the dropdown above to enable PHP modules and options configuration, all you need to do is use the dropdown menu to replace "native (7.0)" with "7.0", making sure to replace 7.0 with the actual PHP version.

  4. Make the desired changes, and click elsewhere on the page (i.e. any white space) in order to save the changes.

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