Free Software Installation Service

To help make getting started on our platform even easier, we're now offering a completely FREE software installation service!

Do you want to use our platform for hosting a VPN, but have no SSH experience needed to set it up? No problem - we can install OpenVPN for you.

Or perhaps you'd like a free website control panel like Virtualmin installed? We can do that too!

The list of software that we'll install free of charge, upon request by opening a support ticket is as follows:

  • OpenVPN (VPN server)
  • Virtualmin (website control panel)
  • Webmin (website control panel)
  • cPanel - you will need to supply the license (website control panel)
  • DirectAdmin - you will need to supply the license or buy one from us (website control panel)
  • InterWorx - you will need to supply the license or buy one from us (website control panel)

This list is not extensive, and may be updated in future should we see demand.

I'd like you to install something that's not mentioned in this list, help!
There's a good chance we can help (assuming the software is not too time-consuming), again, for free!
Please contact us for more information.

What's the catch? Are there any requirements?
The only requirement is that the operating system is clean, with no other software or customizations already present, as there is the potential for package conflict.

Can you offer this service if my server is hosted with another provider?
Sorry, you will need to be a paying customer of Ethernet Servers!

Will you offer support for the software?
This free service is limited to installation only. We don't provide on-going maintenance or support, unless the service runs DirectAdmin, where we offer Fully Managed VPS and Dedicated Server plans.

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