"Invalid Root Password” when changing password If you receive the message Invalid Root Password when trying to change your root password via our... Can I resell to my own customers? Good question and the answer is, yes!There are a few ways to do this, which are highlighted... Can I run CloudLinux on your VPS plans? Yes, CloudLinux can be used on our VPS plans. We charge $14.25/mo for an unlimited user... Can I run WireGuard on your platform? The short answer: yes! WireGuard is a high-performance VPN server, which many consider to be a... Can the Operating System (OS) be reinstalled? Important: All data will be deleted by performing a reinstall. We offer a wide variety of Linux... Can you enable loop device support? loop device functionality is not available in the more recent/modern versions of our... Do you offer Docker support? Our VPS platform provides full support for Docker as standard. Do you offer FUSE? FUSE support is enabled on all VPS' as standard. Do you offer GRE? All of our VPS Nodes have GRE enabled as standard; however, access to this module is not granted... Do you offer IPSec? Yes! The necessary OpenVZ kernel modules (af_key esp4 esp6 xfrm4_mode_tunnel xfrm6_mode_tunnel)... Do you offer Minimal operating system templates? All of our operating system templates are the minimal variant - saving you resources (disk,... Do you offer NFS? All of our VPS nodes have NFS support; however, you must open a support ticket to request that... Do you offer Reverse DNS/PTR records? We certainly do! Reverse DNS / rDNS / PTR records can be set via our control panel, using these... Do you support custom ISO's? At this time, we do not support custom ISO's.  For a listed of support operating system... Free Software Installation Service To help make getting started on our platform even easier, we're now offering a completely FREE... How can I access my VPS via VNC? A good VNC setup that we can personally recommend is Ubuntu 20.04 with XFCE Desktop and TightVNC... How can I enable an Apache or PHP Module on my cPanel VPS? In this tutorial, we will demonstrate the process involved to load additional Apache and/or PHP... How do I access SSH (Secure Shell)? We recommend reviewing this How-To Geek article which covers the process of connecting to an SSH... How do I change my SSH port? In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to change your SSH port using the Serial Console in our... How do I change my hostname? In this tutorial, we will demonstrate the procedure of changing your VPS' hostname. 1) Go to... How do I change my root password? Changing your VPS' root password is very simple! Below are the steps you'll need to follow: 1)... How do I enable PPP? All of our VPS nodes have PPP support enabled. All you need to do is enable it on your VPS, which... How do I enable TUN/TAP? All of our VPS nodes have TUN/TAP support enabled. All you need to do is enable it on your VPS,... How do I login to SolusVM / Our VPS platform is powered by SolusVM, and is located at How do I reboot my server? If you have SSH access and the server is still responding, you can log in as the root user and... How is my VPS Bandwidth calculated? Only outbound traffic (i.e. traffic that is pushed from your server to the outside world) is... I ordered extra IPs for my VPS, where do I find them? If you ordered extra IP addresses with your service, please follow the below instructions to find... Is it possible to create a snapshot of my VPS? Our VPS platform doesn't currently contain snapshot functionality. We suggest using tools such... Setting up a IPv6 Tunnel A customer reached out to us asking how to set up a IPv6 tunnel on their Ethernet Servers... What Operating Systems do you offer? We currently offer the below Linux distributions: AlmaLinux 8 64-bit AlmaLinux 9 64-bit... What are my root user login credentials? The username will always be root (by default), and the password is randomly generated. This... When will my bandwidth reset? All VPS services are sold with monthly bandwidth. Bandwidth resets on the 1st of each month.... Which control panel do you use? We use the latest stable release of SolusVMThis allows for quick and easy VPS management and... Why do you randomly generate a hostname during the order process? It used to be the case that, when placing an order, a field allowing you to set a Hostname would... mount failed: Operation not permitted. Whilst attempting to use certain applications, such as snapd, you may run into the below...
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Dr Robert James June 16, 2024
"Server is very fast"

I got a VPS from Ethernet Servers and everything about their service i s good. The server is very fast, 24 hr customer support, prompt trouble shooting at back end. Pricing is reasonable. I would love to avail of their services for a long time. :) Thank You. Dr Robert James

Daniel Imray June 7, 2024
"Very good choice"

Amazing so far, everything seemed to work great when I put my first si te up, when I had some minor queries I got very quick responses to support requests. I'm very glad I found Ethernet Servers, as I didn't have a clue what hosting site to use, or how they work, but this seems to be a very good choice.

mahdi khoramnejad May 19, 2024
"Best support"

They have the best support. It's really great.

OR.S May 10, 2024
"Highly recommended"

Excellent host. Prompt replies in good, clear English, easy migration from HG, good speed, all necessary info provided on sign up (ftp, logins etc) error free. Highly recommended

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