Always Fully Managed — and here to help you!

We do things differently to the average provider. You're in great hands.

Experienced administrators who love servers!

We believe that in order to be great at something, you've got to want to do it, and love doing it! This was true almost 2,000 days ago when we signed up our first customer, and remains true to this very day! We work hard at what we do, and give our best into helping each and every customer, in the knowledge that:

Your success is our success. It's in our best interest to keep our customers happy!

Our team know web hosting inside out, from setting up a XenForo forum to integrating a HTML + CSS website into a WordPress blog, and managing virtualization platforms responsible for thousands of Linux servers to keeping industry-leading software (i.e. cPanel & WHM) in check and running well at all times.

This is just a taster of the type of people you'll meet, and the quality of service you'll receive, if you choose to join our family!

Our definition of Fully Managed

Each web hosting company will have their own definition of "fully managed". This could vary from providing guidance on using cPanel, all the way up to debugging website script error messages. It's only right that you know exactly what your money is being spent on. Below is a list of what's included, with each and every Managed Server:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring & restoration of failed services (i.e. Ping, SSH, MariaDB, Apache, named).
  • 24/7/365 unlimited technical support. We're always here and waiting to help, and we'll never charge you extra, no matter how much you contact us!
  • Secured to help keep nasty web threats, bots, and people, at bay.
  • Finely-tuned for your specific needs, ensuring that fast and reliable access is available day and night.
  • Assistance with making the most of all cPanel, WHM and Webmail features.
  • Installation of any modules needed for your website(s) to work optimally, i.e. Apache, PHP, etc.
  • Assistance with installing and configuring website software, including (but not limited to!) WordPress, Joomla and Magento.
  • Best-effort support for troubleshooting website software, i.e. error messages, SSL issues, slow page load times, etc.
  • Data migration from other cPanel servers. This is (always) free and unlimited!
  • Restoration of backups. Accidentally deleted a file, or maybe an entire cPanel account? No problem - we maintain backups of all your data.

    Carefuly prepared — each & every server

    All Fully Managed services include additional Security Hardening, Optimization and Anti-Spam tactics out-of-the-box. These tweaks all add up to make a server that's ready for your websites to be hosted on. This procedure is made up of years of research, and includes changes as recommended by cPanel, ConfigServer and our own in-house customizations that we find to be helpful. Below is a list of the steps we apply to each and every server:


  • Enable PHP-FPM for cPanel/WHM/Webmail
  • Enable PHP Compression (zlib.output_compression)
  • Replace MySQL 5.7 with MariaDB 10.2

  • Hardening & Security

  • Enable Referrer safety check
  • Enable Blank referrer safety check
  • Set Initial default/catch-all forwarder destination to Fail
  • Enable Verify signatures of 3rdparty cPaddons
  • Disable Service subdomain override
  • Disable Service subdomain creation
  • Disable BoxTrapper
  • Disable Reset Password for cPanel accounts
  • Disable Reset Password for Subaccounts
  • Enforce Minimum Password Strength (65+)
  • Disable Compiler Access
  • Enable Shell Fork Bomb Protection
  • Restrict MySQL to only accept local connections
  • Disable LOAD DATA LOCAL commands in MySQL
  • Block all processes in WHM's Background Process Killer
  • Move SSH to a non-default port
  • Install ClamAV (Anti Virus) with Daily Scan + Quarantine
  • Install Maldet (Anti Malware) with Daily Scan + Quarantine

  • Anti-Spam

  • Only allow Exim & root to connect to remote SMTP servers
  • Enable SpamCop filtering (to help block spam/junk mail)
  • Reject remote mail sent to the server's hostname
  • We love our customers — they love us back

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