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Experienced administrators who love servers!

We believe that to be great at something, you've got to want to do it, and love doing it! This was true over 3,000 days ago when we signed up our first customer and remains true to this very day! We work hard at what we do and give our best into helping every customer, with the knowledge that:

Your success is our success. It's in our best interest to keep our customers happy!

Our team knows web hosting inside out, from setting up a XenForo forum to integrating an HTML + CSS website into a WordPress blog and managing virtualization platforms responsible for thousands of Linux servers to keeping industry-leading software (i.e. DirectAdmin) in check and running well at all times.

Our definition of Fully Managed

Each web hosting company will have its definition of "fully managed". This could vary from help using DirectAdmin, all the way up to debugging website script error messages. It's only right that you know exactly what your money is being spent on. Below is a list of what's included, with every Managed Server:

 24/7/365 monitoring & restoration of failed services (i.e. Ping, SSH, MariaDB, Apache, named).

 24/7/365 unlimited technical support. We're always here and waiting to help, and we'll never charge you extra, no matter how much you contact us!

 Secured to help keep nasty web threats, bots, and people, at bay.

 Finely tuned for your specific needs, ensuring that fast and reliable access is available day and night.

 Assistance with making the most of all DirectAdmin's features.

 Installation of any modules needed for your website(s) to work optimally, i.e. Apache, PHP, etc.

 Assistance with installing and configuring website software, including (but not limited to!) WordPress, Joomla, and Magento.

 Best-effort support for troubleshooting website software, i.e. error messages, SSL issues, slow page load times, etc.

 Data migration from other servers running DirectAdmin or cPanel. This is (always) free and unlimited!

 Restoration of backups. Accidentally deleted a file, or maybe an entire DirectAdmin account? No problem - we maintain backups of all your data.

Beautifully Optimized for WordPress

It's estimated that 38% of the internet runs WordPress. It's for that reason that our Fully Managed plans are optimized for WordPress, out-the-box. They meet and exceed the official requirements, and recommendations, meaning that we're the perfect provider to host a single site or hundreds!

As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding, which is why we deployed one of our plans with our custom in-house WordPress optimized stack and a short screen recording!

Not running WordPress? No problem at all! You can still use our plans for any other type of website with the same super-fast performance and security that your websites deserve. Additionally, we are always more than happy to fine-tune your server for your exact application or requirements. We bring flexible hosting to your fingertips!

Our Custom Stack

To ensure high performance and stability, you don't just need good quality, server-grade hardware, but you also need software that's up for the job. Years of experience and research have taught us many things - one of which is how to properly tune Linux servers!

We also take great pride in ensuring that you get only the highest levels of security, through a combination of tried-and-tested practices.

  AlmaLinux 8.8 64-bit

  DirectAdmin 1.649

  Apache 2.4.57 + PHP-FPM + mod_brotli

  MariaDB 10.6.13

  PHP 8.1.19 + OPCache

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