Changing the timezone If you're like us, you'll want your server's timezone to match your local time to make log... Checking drive health with smartctl smartctl can be used for checking the health of your drives (i.e. HDDs, SSDs) and providing... Find where a process is running from You may see a process running and wonder exactly where it's running from. Fortunately, there's a... Finding the largest files and directories This nifty command allows you to built up a list of the largest files and... Installing and using Strace Strace is a Linux command that allows you to follow what a process on your server is doing. Let's... Installing and using iftop The installation commands are as follows:yum -y install libpcap libpcap-devel ncurses... OpenVZ: Performing a manual migration using prlctl As a node administrator, it may be necessary for you to migrate VPS' to another physical node.... Quickly and easily finding the source of emails in Exim Ever found yourself in the position where there are hundreds, or perhaps, thousands of emails... Running a ‘’ test To run a test on your server, please visit and... SSH Failed Login Attempts Some Linux distributions, such as CentOS 7, will display a statistic upon logging in via SSH to... SolusVM: Cancelling stuck migrations There is a rare bug which can occur with SolusVM, in which migrations will get stuck at 0% - no... cPanel: Cannot access directory '/etc/apache2/logs/domlogs/' When trying to restart Apache, you may be presented with an error message as follows:(2)No such... cPanel: Copy Email from one account to another You may find yourself in the situation where by you need to move an email account from one server... cPanel: Delete error_log & *php.error.log files Ever wanted to easily and quickly dispose of error_log and/or <domain>.php.error.log files... cPanel: Deleting an EasyApache 4 Profile via SSH There is currently no way to delete a custom EasyApache 4 profile via WHM. Fortunately, they're... cPanel: Disabling services via SSH The usual method to disable services and prevent them from automatically restarting is via WHM... cPanel: Find accounts with highest CPU, Memory & MySQL Usage You may have come across a time where there's higher than usual resource usage, and you're trying... cPanel: Installing the LiteSpeed plugin If your server is running cPanel/WHM, simply execute the below commands via SSH (as root):wget... cPanel: Mass Updating Hostmaster Email Addres Currently, there is no built in way to update the hostmaster email address for every DNS zone on... cPanel: Running a ClamAV and Maldet scan You may be familiar with ClamAV and Maldet (aka Linux Malware Detect). They're widely known as... cPanel: Unable to convert from MariaDB to MySQL Unfortunately, it is not possible to convert from MariaDB to MySQL using the MySQL/MariaDB... cPanel: What is mysqluserstore? On cPanel servers, you may come across the process... cPanel: cPHulk Service Failure On a cPanel system with cPHulk, you may run into an error like so: (XID e22d2d) The “cphulkd”... passwd: Authentication token manipulation error You may experience an error message that looks like this while trying to change your password...
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